Webinar: Open Access Research

In this webinar we explore how open access works, what opportunities there are to make academic publications more open, and the resources that are available to assist scientists and researchers to make their work more open.

Open Access 101

In this webinar Anna Daniel from Griffith University explores the basics of open access. She explains what is meant by green, gold and hybrid open access publishing. The differences between Accepted Version an Publisher version are described. By listening you will discover how to determine green open access rules for prominent journals in a given field.

You will also discover where to find information and support. You will be introduced to Sherpa/Romeo, DOAJ and other useful places including the AOASG website.

Webinar: Building Your Online Reputation

Promoting yourself online can be hard, especially for academics. It’s a delicate matter that’s usually not taught in schools or discussed among peers. Is it appropriate to email your colleagues to share your recently published article? Will writing a blog actually help you get readers, find collaborators, and impress funders and hiring committees, or are they just a waste of time? And--most importantly--why do “open” research practices (open access publishing, data sharing, open lab notebooks, and so on) give one’s reputation such a boost on the Web?

In this one-hour webinar, research outreach expert Stacy Konkiel will share must-know reputation building strategies that save time and can allow you to make genuine connections with other researchers and community members.


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