Open Access Survey Report

The Open Access Survey was created as part of the Open Access Academy (OAA). The OAA was created in response to the lack of information among students and early career researchers about scientific publishing and Open Access.

The survey was conducted between February and May 2015. In total, we had 1005 valid responses. In order to get a representative sample, we tried to reach as many different kinds of student and early career researcher organizations as possible.
The survey consists of 16 questions, of which 12 were closed type questions (with already offered answers, usually Yes / No / I don’t know questions) and 4 were open question where respondents could write answers, and 9 questions were marked as required. Without responses to these 9 questions, it was not be possible to submit the survey.

In the Survey Report we didn’t include responses to the questions Name of your University / Institution, Affiliation with any professional or students / early stage researchers association/organization and Email

Download Open Access Academy survey on Open Access Publishing [12MB]

Field of study / research

Current level of study / research

Country of Residence

We receive answers from over the 80 countries. The countries with the most submissions by alphabetical order are: Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Pakistan, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine and United States of America.

Have you ever heard of Open Access Publishing?

Have you ever published a scientific paper?

If answer on previous question is “Yes” please answer this question: Have you ever published a scientific paper in an open access journal?

If we compare these findings with the current level of study / research, we get the next figures for question Have you ever published a scientific paper in an open access journal?

If we compare these findings by the field of study / research, we get the next figures:

Have you ever received training at your institution on scientific publishing?

Have you received any training at your institution about scientific publishing in open access journals?

Does your department / lab / institution support publishing in open access journals?

Do you think that open access publishing training would be beneficial for you?

Would you be interested in getting free training or guidance on how to publish scientific papers in open access journals?

If you have any comment about this survey or OA publishing feel free to write in the box below.

In this field we had over 80 comments and questions. Here are some of them:

What is the difference between Open Access Journal and non-open access journal?

Open Access versus the prestige of a journal is often the biggest issue when trying to publish open access work.

There is an increasing problem with the so-called “predatory” journals, which charge high fees for open-access publishing but has no scientific value and won’t be accepted by the scientific society.

Does Open Access publishing regarded the same value as printed forms of publishing?

In my institution, and elsewhere, it is important to publish in journals with an impact factor. I don’t know if there are OA journals with a reasonably high IF

It is very good idea especially for developing countries

Great initiative, and wish you the best!

Make me representative in my University, so i can arrange seminar and workshop on training about publishing on open access, if you train me than i would like to help all other students of research field, thanks

I mostly, but not exclusively, publish in non-OA journals, but the preprints of all of my papers are freely and openly accessible at

Thank you for your efforts in promoting open access!

While I think most people like the idea of OA (accessibility, openness, etc.) and support it in theory, in practice people are afraid that their research will appear less important/impressive if published in less traditional places. We need to change this!

Download Open Access Academy survey on Open Access Publishing

Open Access Publishing Survey team

    Slobodan Radicev

    / PhD Candidate

    University of Novi Sad

    Prateek Mahalwar

    / PhD Candidate

    Max Planck Institute

    Tom Pollard

    / PhD Candidate

    University College London

    Meredith Niles

    / Post-doctoral research fellow

    Harvard University


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