The Open Data Button helps users get access to research data that is already online or request that data be made accessible. When a user wants access to the data behind a paper, they can make a request via the app. The app will then see if the data is already available online, and if not, it will contact the author and invite them to make their research data openly available through the Center for Open Science’s Open Science Framework. Once a dataset is delivered, the author will be rewarded with an Open Data Badge to recognise their efforts.

Beyond making individual datasets available, the Open Data Button will also support systemic change. The Open Data Button will track and map user stories that can be searched, linked to, and embedded in order to support storytelling based advocacy. Advocates for open research data will be able to use the data and stories to campaign for systematic change that will benefit everyone.

Every request made through the Open Data Button will be public, with its status indicated. We believe researchers should share their data—especially when the public pays to create it—and the Open Data Button will create more accountability in this area. Research communities can help make particular datasets accessible by signing up to support a request. Those supporting a specific request will then receive a copy of the data once it’s made available.

You can find more information about the Open Data Button if you vist OD Button website.


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