For the past 6 months our small but hardworking team has built a beta version of a website which you are looking now, conduct Open Access Publishing Survey (report is available on the following link: and streamed one of the FOSTER trainings (link:

In this short time, without promotion, we have already got more than 1800 unique visitors from 108 different countries that have opened more than 4500 pages on the Open Access Academy portal, and we still did not officially launch the project :)
We have already more than 750 subscribers to our mailing list and this number is growing day by day.
After presenting you a short statistic on what we have achieved, let’s go to the point :)

Now it is the time to expand our team and prepare Open Access Academy portal for the final version that we would like to launch in October or November this year. If you are reading this post, then you are someone who potentially can contribute to the success of the Open Access Academy project. We are searching for motivated individuals who can help us in finding and creating high quality OA resources that will be hosted on OAA portal and freely available to all students, young researchers and people in general all over the World.

If you are willing to join the Open Access Academy team, please fill the “I want to contribute to Open Access Academy” form:

Working on the Open Access Academy project is voluntary and requires a reasonable time commitment, regular calls, regular internet access and may involve international travel in the future. We welcome and encourage applications from across the world, across any science field and any level of education from undergraduate students to early career professionals.

And last but not least, working with Open Access Academy Team includes a lot of fun :)

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Open Access Academy Team

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